NYC MySchools

Impact & Lessons Learned

When users submit their finished application, we animated a burst of confetti. Advisors embraced it — reassuring families that “you’ll know you’re done when you see the confetti.”


MySchools is an extensive, critical government product designed and built from scratch within a demanding timeline. I spearheaded the vision to create not just a functional product, but an easy and equitable experience for families, and I directed its UX from start to finish — supported by incredible UX, UI, dev, and client teams.

Results, Reiterated


[Blenderbox brought] enthusiam for solving large user problems, collaborative creativity with our team, and the organizational discipline to deliver on the tight timelines of a highly visible agency such as ours.”

Sarah Kleinhandler, Senior Executive Director, 
DOE Office of Student Enrollment

“With the new MySchools portal (which is excellent by the way), families can get as much information online as they can at a table.”

A school principal

“They were literally like ‘Holy crap’ — in a good way.”


Lessons learned

As with any project, there was plenty we could have improved in our process. A few takeaways: