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Testing & Launch

User testing

With UI design under way, my team tested an InVision prototype with 12 families to validate our user flow and key screens.

Our testing setup and moderators.

I oversaw the development of a script used by our team of moderators, and led moderated, in-person usability tests with a representative variety of participants — some included just one parent, others involved whole families gathered around the device. We asked users to perform specific tasks, evaluated their success, and discussed their reactions and impressions with them.

Our InVision prototype for user testing.

By and large, our tests validated our design assumptions, and proved the value of a number of features I and our team proposed.

Most of the issues we found were related to copy, or a lack thereof. We introduced headers and labels in select locations to eliminate these points of confusion, and our dev team moved ahead with the work they’d begun.

An example where adding labels addressed confusion revealed during user testing.

QA testing

As development progressed, I was deeply involved in the QA process — writing test cases, directing an external QA team, and performing QA myself.

Throughout the build, I and my UX team worked closely with onshore and offshore developers to explain nuances of the functionality and design, answer questions, and test their work.

A third-party testing partner supplemented our in-house QA. I onboarded them and oversaw their work. We collaborated on the creation of test cases, which we tracked in TestRail.

Some of our test cases in TestRail.

Together, we performed functional testing against the business requirements and compliance testing against all WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards.


With the unrelenting timeline, development continued down to the wire. We successfully released applications for Mayor DeBlasio’s signature Pre-K and 3-K initiatives moments before he announced them onstage.

We brought consistency and reusable components to the various applications, which streamlined the staggered releases of each one. Still, most had some unique needs, plus lots of ingested data which we needed to check. DeBlasio's press conference went off without a hitch, and traffic started flooding in.